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The national system of intellectual property protection in Armenia started by the establishment of the Patent Office Under the Government of the Republic of Armenia in January 1992 and the National Agency of Copyright in December 1993. Later, in 2002, the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Armenia was established by merger of the two organizations, which has the status of separate division acting within the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia. In the same year the Government of the Republic of Armenia adopted the statutes and the structure of the Agency.

At present the legal field of intellectual property is regulated by laws and legal acts as well as the international agreements of the Republic of Armenia.

The Republic of Armenia is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) since 1993 and the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) since 1995. The Agency cooperates with the European Patent Office (EPO), other international and regional structures and foreign offices.

The Agency publishes the Official Gazette "Industrial Property" in Armenian and Russian, which now is issued monthly only on laser discs. Within the frameworks of patent information exchange the Gazettes are sent free of charge to the Patent Offices of foreign countries, international organizations, to several libraries and other organizations of the Republic of Armenia.

The Agency publishes as well full descriptions of patented inventions and utility models.
Bibliographic data on inventions are published in Armenian, English and Russian within the frameworks of the agreement “On joint publication of the regional patent – informational product on optical discs CD – ROM”, signed in Moscow among the Patent Offices of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russian Federation and the Eurasian Patent Office.

The results of the activity of the Agency are briefly presented in Annual Reports, which are issued in Armenian, Russian and English.